Why so serious…….

why so serious

Don’t you notice that its when you’re not overthinking the situation you’re in or overplanning it that it works out best???? That its those time when you just enjoy the moment or wait to see what life throws at you that you’re at your happiest?? I’m not talking about things like work issues, business plans etc but just general lifestyle situations, especially when it comes to matters of the mind. Like when you meet a guy for the first time and you’re already thinking of what menu to have at your wedding!! Yes girls like this do exist, every girl is probably guilty of doing this at least once. All sorts of things start to run through your head at that initial moment: How long was his last relationship? Does he have relationship issues? How soon should I sleep with him??? Is he good in bed?? Brain goes into unnecessary overdrive!! Again I am guilty of all these things. I was actually going somewhere with this……


Ehen, why not just let it flow, all these questions will be answered in due time. If  its meant to be the real deal, you’ll find out soon enough. Just have fun with it, with them. Get to the know the person gradually, be happy, then overtime, life will show you whether to continue with it or move on to the next one. Yes, I am speaking to myself here X_X *sigh*


But let me not generalise, not ALL girls are trying to get so serious with dude. They may just want their fun from the get go, nothing serious. Then you actually find the strange guys that wanna create a relationship in one week! Literally choke you!!! *sigh*. My advise here, which you don’t really have to take but yeah, RUN!!!!! That guy reads desperate, insecure and paranoid. Just my opinion, you don’t have to agree but its been proven in many occasions….


So yeah, enjoy your life for what it is, enjoy your current accomplishments, you don’t always have to be so serious and overthink things!!!!!! I’m done for now. Later……..


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