Strange things happening…….

uncle barack

So, I’ve been reunited with my Uncle Barack. he missed me as much as I missed him and he’s been been spoiling me rotten since I got here :-D. Anywho, the main purpose of this vacation was to chill and shop. But what comes with chilling is overthinking and not necessarily good overthinking! *sigh* All the ‘what-if’s’ and ‘possibly-maybes’ come to your head and I believe it’s in times like this, when your idle and have no physical stresses or duties to carry out, that it’s easier to reflect on life . So that’s what I’ve chosen to do, rearrange all the many thoughts in my head, sort out my many priorities and come back from this vacation feeling all brand new!! But yh, that transition from having these many thoughts and actually dealing with these many thoughts comes with a very strange feeling that can be quite hard to comprehend. So yh, that’s my ramble for today, already feeling refreshed already and its only day 3. 7 more days until I’m a brand new woman! :-D. Ciao for now guys *mwahhh*


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