New Realizations……

new realizationsSo I’m now on day 6 of my vacation. Had more than enough time to reflect. Had time to think about my priorities and those most important to me. My many achievements and even more mistakes. Everything that has shaped me into the individual I am now. Sometimes it’s not until you come out of the situation or surroundings that you’re in, that you can take a good look and assess it well. Look at what needs to be changed, who needs to be removed, or whether it’s you that needs to change. It’s always good to get away for awhile. That by no means that you should run away from your situations or problems, it just means taking a step back, looking at your life from an outsider’s point of view. That’s when you begin to realize whats good for you and whats good for your life. I’m truly loving this new realizations…..:-)


2 Replies to “New Realizations……”

  1. This… This I can identify with. I am not on vacation but I am taking the time out which I have NEVER done before and realising I don’t have the life I thought I had. I am glad I am taking a step back to realise what are the positives and negatives are and who are the positive and the negatives.

    I guess thats the point of blogs isnt it? Knowing the fact you are not alone. Thanks Mimi


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