Flu-induced insomnia

Forgive me if this isnt the most articulate post and there are loads of grammatical errors or this piece doesn’t flow like it should,  I currently have no voice, my throat is on fire, my temperature is sky rocketing and the only part of my body that isn’t aching are my fingers :-(. Yet I have the sudden urge to write at 5am, feel like cooking too but that can wait.

Question: do you often feel like your dreams and aspirations have been put on hold? Like all the things you planned to do in life seemed to have disappeared into thin air? That fire in you to do big things has died? I by no means have an answer for these questions cos as im asking you, I’m also asking myself.  Maybe it’s a good idea to take a step out of your shell, and analyse yourself. Don’t allow life and your routine to be too robotic.  A while back, I wrote a post called ‘why so serious’ which I completely forgot about until someone reminded me. That was applicable then as it is now.  Just think about it: as much as its good to put maximum effort into whatever you do, while you’re there killing yourself for another man’s business, getting high bp and sleepless nights, they’re swiping their amex black card up and down knightsbridge while you’re there struggling to pay off your student loans and stay out of debt. As the common phrase goes: ‘monkey dey work, oga dey chop’. My point is, as you’re slaving for another man’s business, think of how to improve yourself and your future. Life is too short, live it to the fullest and live out your dreams as much as possible 🙂


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