Because I’m Happyyyyy……..

I’m back again, back to ramble on about my many thoughts. Repeating my disclaimer again, I write without reading over my post (for authenticity of course lol) so don’t expect it to be extra articulate :-).

Sooooooo, I’ve been extra extra happy recently! Everybody close to me can vouch for that lol. Can’t really explain why, life is far from perfect, I’m not living in my dream home, in my dream relationship, or at a point in my career where I’m completely satisfied, but I’m happy. It’s definitely depended on some factors, which I felt were significant at the time, being deleted from my life, at least i know that much lol.

What people don’t always understand is happiness does not always necessary have to depend on your situation but rather what you make of your situation. You can see a girl with only one arm and a leg but still with the biggest smile on her face. Why? Because she’s at least grateful that she’s alive! you may not all agree with that but its the small but huge blessings that people truly appreciate. You don’t need to think of having that big mansion, being the most beautiful person in the room, being what you see on TV to be ecstatic.

But what I’ve also learnt is that it also depends on who your surround yourself and what energy you allow to affect you. If you’re very unhappy or your mood and spirit is low whenever you interact with a certain individual, it obviously means that said person is not good for you no? sounds simple enough but sadly, it takes a while for many people (myself included) before they handle that. You need to cleanse the energy around, cleanse your aura, yes I might sound very preachy but this is all from experience (a long but tough experience). Just as i wrote in an earlier post that we are not passive individuals, and we as active individuals have the power to choose to a certain song or type of music which we know will affect our mood, its the same way that we as active individuals have the power to choose who we keep around and who we let shape who we are, because we’d be foolish enough to believe that our mood and behaviour isn’t affected and influenced by those we interact with regularly!

I can ramble on forever, hence the name of this blog lol. My point, be wise about who you keep close to you, be grateful for the gift of life, be happy with life at present whilst continuously striving to improve yourself, keep that positive outlook on life, but most importantly, be happppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Pharrell Williams- Happy


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