Forever sweet

So today I came across this beautiful quote on Instagram today ‘be soft, do not allow the world to make you hard, don’t let the bitterness of the world steal your sweetness’. It made so much sense to me because this is something that many of us are guilty of.

We (females in particular) tend to put up a hard exterior, some sort of tough shell usually after a bad experience,  a tough break up, the betrayal from a loved one, a case where you have felt most vulnerable and your kindness has been taken for granted.  In any case, this tough shell is usually put up as we (again im saying ‘we’ as im definitely guilty of this) feel this is the only way to succeed in this world and be respected.
The funny thing is, as much as that whole ‘tough bitch’ persona can definitely deter many individuals from disrespecting you (probably due to fear of the aftermath) what it also does is push away those who genuinely care about you and your wellbeing. Do we even want people to fear us? Wouldn’t we rather not be disrespected because of the high level of respect they have for us? Just a thought.

We need to be able to find the middle mark where we don’t allow ourselves to be taken advantage of yet have that welcoming embrace (that sounds sooooooo cheesy lol but its truuuuuu)

There is no solution here, just many thoughts and more ramblings.

As for me, I’m going to keep trying to be forever sweet, no matter the situation, or how bitter life tries to make me be.

Anywho im done now, please add your thoughts and comments below.

Ciao for now *mwah*

P.S. I’m loving this Mary J song right now, not related to this post at all but enjoyyyyyy

Mary J  Blige Love A Women Ft  Beyonce:


2 Replies to “Forever sweet”

  1. A great reminder that bitterness doesn’t achieve anything. You should learn from your past but never allow it to tarnish you. I’m so guilty of this and the scars that I hold. It’s a process and it’s true you should never allow it to consume you. Because amongst the bad there is a host of good. Great post!!!


  2. A great reminder that bitterness achieves nothing and only causes more bitterness. Many of us (including myself) have allowed past issues to negatively impact our life which has meant pushing others away. Obviously some issues take longer for us to heal from but holding onto some things (which we later look back at and laugh or made us better) does distract you from the positive elements that are coming our way. There is always a blessing in the storm and amongst all the nasty, bad issues we may experience in this world there is a host of beautiful, and good aspects. Thanks for the post. I enjoyed the read and reflection.


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