Life is a gift, wake up everyday and realise that……..

Life is a gift, wake up everyday and realise that‘…..

Just another one of the gazillion quotes I come across on Instagram, probably thought up by a randomer on their morning commute (or even idle in bed…) we are living in an age where everyone and their grandma is a philosopher right? lol. It may not be such a bad thing though, at least it shows that individuals are increasingly  looking within for inspiration rather than relying on the minds of others I guess…..

Anyhwo, I digress. This is a short and simple post for once 🙂

How much does it really take to wake up and say ‘Thank You’ to God (for myself as I am a Christian), to your creator, to whichever higher power you believe in or simply to yourself just for being able to see another day? I was having a conversation with a friend of mine yesterday about how depressive their current city is to said person and how getting away to another country permanently would make them a much happier person. It made me think instantly, (and I said it as I quickly as I thought about it too, trust me lol) until we as individuals learn to be content and make the most of the situation/location we are in, will that same state of depression not eventually hit us later once we got bored in the new setting? Of course it’s good to move on, explore, grow, find new opportunities to develop yourself and bring that added happiness to your life but it doesn’t mean we need to walk around like morbid creatures until we get to that stage (I am in no way calling said friend morbid lol).

Whilst on that pursuit of happiness, it should be easy to find one thing each day to give you a reason to be grateful and enjoy life. So yes, this ‘philosophical’ quote by this randomer actually makes perfect sense, life truly is a gift, if you wake up everyday and realise that, there’s no reason you shouldn’t smile in the morning, that’s at least one thing to be happy about 🙂

Oh yeah, my quarter year resolution is to ensure there is a new post of me rambling each week (every Monday possibly but let’s see how that goes).

Till next week sweets

Miss Mimi x


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