The complexities of choosing the bridesmaids…

LoveweddingsNG-Illustrations-Peniel-EnchillHey everybody! So I can finally say I’ve got my bridal dream team and I thought I’d share my journey with you :).

Now as fun as it may sound, it really wasn’t as easy as it seems to be honest. So let’s rewind a little, from the day I announced my engagement, everybody and their mate came out of the woodworks congratulating me (quite touching really) wishing me well, inviting themselves to a wedding that hadn’t even been thought of yet, a wedding they may not actually be invited to…hehe. But then you also had those dropping hints about being part of my bridal train, found that quite amusing actually but hey, I’m a nice person (these days) so I kept my amusement to myself.

But as nice as I am, the tricky part for me (please tell me if you agree) was settling on a number of bridesmaids without offending anyone.

I always knew my train would get up to like 8/9 which I know sounds like a lot but that was even with me being very strict. Let’s just say I’ve been lucky to meet a few beautiful souls who have stayed loyal and true to me over the years 🙂 

Obviously I had my no-brainers, my girls that were going to be on my train whether they liked it or not. Buttttt, there are different levels of difficulty to this task lol. Coupled with the fact that I just can’t ask anyone as there is a serious financial and time cost.

I tried to work with this criteria:

  1. Best friends- my girls who I don’t have to filter myself with
  2. My sisters, whether by blood or not
  3. My girls who have been with me through my relationships, heartbreaks, the tears of pain (so of course they have to be with me to celebrate my happiness), tears of joy, every emotional milestone really…

That was it really, so it made it easier to filter out the not so necessary folk while also trying to stick to my number limit. But yeah, that’s how I went about that part, which was farrrrr easier than the rest of the wedding planning to be fair but a task in itself.

The ultimate wedding bible, The Knot, my go-to site during this planning period had a few tips of it’s own, the best of which are:

  1. More isn’t always merrier
  2. Try not to make hasty assumptions
  3. It’s ok to have uneven numbers of groomsmen and bridesmaids (my groom really struggled with matching my numbers then turned out to have more than me!)

Whenever I tell my non-African friends how many people are in my train, their jaws drop!! Hahahaha they’re obviously have not been schooled in the art of a Nigerian wedding, I tried with my number!

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 7.14.51 PM
As seen on Instagram @weddingdigestnaija BEAUTIFUL!!! (the comments under this IG pic are hilarious lol)

Of course the next vital part to handle when it comes to the bridal train is their attire! To get a sense of how that could be going, you can read an old post of mine here 

But aside from all of that, you may also have a set of your friends who may not be friends with eachother. Just because they’re your close friends, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re all besties! So the by-force bonding begins, well in my case anyway. I think I’ve been quite lucky actually, I set up a whatsapp group, made everyone introduce themselves even if they knew eachother and every now and again we have a little banter amidst the important wedding discussion. I’ve had a couple people drop out, had my number go up and down like a yo-yo. Thankfully, there’s been no disagreements, or arguments…yet lol. So up until now, the hardest part has really been choosing my team, but I’m still on my journey and I’m sure there are a few obstacles to come (or hopefully not come *fingers crossed*).

I’d love to hear about your experiences of choosing your bridal train if you’ve gone through that process, or if you haven’t yet how would you go about it?

Until next time

Miss Mimi xxx




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