Balancing your passion with your 9 to 5

Read! Read! Read! And be inspired by those making the ‘impossible’ possible 🙂



Happy new year, we are finally in 2017. I am really excited about this year for a lot of individuals and myself, as I believe this is a year of evolution and blessings. Right let’s get into it, we live in a society where it is not uncommon for individuals to work in a 9-5 role and have a ‘side hustle’. For some of you, who may not know what a side hustle is. A side hustle is a venture that gives you another source of income alongside your full-time job. I actually have a friend that is a chartered insurance broker, he also runs an up and coming fashion brand. If that is not, jack of all trades I am not sure what is. It is becoming the norm for individuals to run their own businesses alongside a full-time job. As an individual that has worked 9-5 for many…

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