My love/hate relationship with fitness – the dress fitting chronicles

Created by Peniel Enchill

I can’t actually remember a time when I didn’t work out because of a huge event I needed to slim down for, honestly 😄😄.

The last two times were in 2015 when I spent five months doing serious circuits in a women’s gym all so I can be the hottest bridesmaid for my friend’s wedding  (spending over £200 on gym fees…). Now I’m lucky to have a high metabolism so it wasn’t too hard to lose the weight, but there were many cons with this. The expenses of course, that money could easily have been used so much more efficiently. Plus, me being me, I wasn’t consistent. I’d be serious with my regime for 2/3 weeks then stop for another 2 weeks which, combined with practically starving myself, resulted in me overdoing it in the last few weeks and getting burnt out..not fun. Plus my dress was too big lol.

So when it came to losing weight for my wedding in 2016, I learnt my lesson…a little. I found an industrial gym which was half the cost so that was definitely a plus. I didn’t learn my lesson completely because I tried that starvation thing again so it didn’t last obviously as those sugar and Five Guys cravings would kick in 🙈. Main issue again was consistency, I didn’t have a concrete and feasible plan so it was easy to fall off track. I still lost a load of weight but as soon as that wedding was done, I went into relaxation mood. Eating all of the junk I loved, when I liked, excessively, without being active at all. So combined with Christmas, New Year and birthday celebrations, all of that weight, plus more, came back!

One of my key goals for 2017 was to maintain a consistent and feasible workout plan and make it part of my lifestyle rather than aiming to fit into some dress. Feasible being the key word here of course. Instead of starving, I decided to replace some of my more frequent ingredients with a healthier option. So instead of having fried plantain on the side of that rice, swap it for some salad or steamed veggies sometimes. Instead of reaching for that carton of juice, enjoy a glass or two of water. Olive Oil or Coconut Oil instead of Vegetable Oil. Portion control! I’m already feeling the difference from within. Something I’m still working on but it’s a gradual process and I’m getting there 😊.

With my exercise, it’s included in my morning routine four times a week. Either I go for a 40-minute morning walk (I’ll graduate to running soon) followed by a 20-minute session of pilates with Cassey Ho on Blogilates, or get dealt with by Shaun-T with a session of T-25.

This is definitely working for me right now and can easily be maintained. Once I’m comfortable with this routine, I’ll step it up a bit and a bit more until I can’t go any further. At least now I can confidently say I have a love for fitness now  😊. I’ll let you know how it goes, if I’m able to maintain it and if it has any huge effects on me. Might even share before and after pics lol.

If you’re starting a new fitness regime or have had a similar experience, I’d love to hear your thoughts below. Let me know if you have any suggestions for what I can do better too!

Ms Mimi x


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