Why I started blogging…the start/stop history of an inconsistent writer

The Early Days

August 2009, I had just finished my first degree and was about to embark on my MA in Magazine Journalism, that’s when I decided to create Ramblings of Ms Mimi (It was ‘Miss Mimi’ then lol). I still had great dreams of becoming this amazing magazine journalist with hopes of one day being Editor-in-chief of my own lifestyle magazine in the style of Pride, Vibe and Marie Claire, a perfect combination of the three 😊. This blog was going to be my space to build on my creativity, a place to improve my writing and be free with it, and my little hub to share my random thoughts without the constraints of having to be articulate, so no proof reading lol.

So in my style, I wrote two posts by late September 2009, I then decided I was too busy to continue with it. The course had barely even started! 🙈

Fast forward to September 2010 I had what seemed to be a major heartbreak then (looking back now it’s laughable) and I needed a space to pour out my feelings. I even ended it with the link to Trey Songz’ video for ‘Can’t be friends’! 😄😄. So I guess then it became my public diary…it wasn’t publicised of course because that wasn’t the in-thing then so barely five people ever saw that post, but the purpose of my blog had changed or forgotten it’s purpose. By December that year, I had moved to Nigeria and forgotten my blog existed…

Blog Puberty

My poor blog didn’t see the light of day again until March 2012 🙁. Let’s just say I had seen a lot in the last couple of years and needed a space to spill my random reflections which probably didn’t make sense to anyone but me 😄 (Read it here if you’re intrigued) If it was that obscure can it be seen as my memoirs? Hmmm.

I kept filling my ‘memoirs’ for a couple of months then in true Mimi style, I abandoned it for another year 🙈. Buttttt…I did come back with a bang with one of my favourite posts till date, ‘Reflections with The Weeknd‘. I was settled back in the UK again and, along with being a PR professional, I started seeing myself as a writer again, even incorporated some theories learnt from my Sociology classes and related it to real life. It was a post I was proud to share and I wanted the world to see it and recognise my work.

The Young Adult

For the next couple of years, my posts straggled with barely four posts 🙈 some deep, some not so deep. But at this point, it really had no purpose, it was just an online space there for me to do a as I pleased with no consistency so it really wasn’t going to succeed..then. By 2015, it seemed that EVERYBODY wanted to be a blogger (turned philosopher) and they were succeeding with it and for me it was like a little wake up call. You could call it an epiphany perhaps. I remembered why I started this blog in the first place, I wanted a space to build on my creativity, a space where I could write freely, share my thoughts and views, learn from others and just have an open discussion. So with its purpose remembered, I started again with consistent and regular posts which started to gain traction and enabled me to start building an online presence. It was going soooooo well…until life happened 😄 . I started a brand new job which required more attention, then a few months later I got engaged so wedding planning became another full time job alongside my full time PAID job and whilst I put out a couple of posts during that time I  just couldn’t manage them all successfully.

The Evolution

Fast forward to now, it seems like there may have been a lot of excuses, lack of planning, bad time management and not remembering the real reason I started Ramblings of Ms Mimi. While I may have some regrets, I am thankful for the journeyI now have set goals for my blog. I’ve evolved a lot over the past eight years and while I may not dream of being this top journalist anymore, my love for writing never died just needed to be reignited. I want to influence the world with my views and develop my own voice. My blog is my voice, my thoughts, my feelings and experiences. There are 7 Billion unique individuals in this world and If I can help even just one stranger with something I write…I would be deeply happy.  As well as writing, I also love photography and graphic design and my site has given me a real reason to develop these skills.

Blogging is such a great way to develop as a person, it gives you a space to share your thoughts and learn new things. It is something I truly enjoy  (my fellow bloggers would definitely understand this).

So this is my journey. It’s far from over but I’ve come so far. I’d love to hear why you started blogging, make sure to comment below.

If you’re yet to start blogging and it’s something you’ve been meaning to do then what are you waiting for? Start today 😊


4 Replies to “Why I started blogging…the start/stop history of an inconsistent writer”

  1. With it being after 1 in the morning I didn’t plan to make myself look like a weirdo stalker but I just HAD to like and comment on this post too! I can relate to pretty much every paragraph of this post. Just want to say I’m so glad I discovered your lovely blog and I hope you don’t but if you do end up abandoning your blog again, know that you’ll have at least one reader to come back to when you return x


  2. This made me laugh cos it kinda reminded me of my own blogging history. Mine tho is now so fuzzy I can’t remember all the dates and details. Initially all I wanted to do was read blogs and not own one, then later I decided to have a my own lil spot to to share whatever is on my mind. Many years later with plenty stops and starts I’m still here. And here to stay.
    Love your space.


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