So I went to…Arts & Craft Village, Abuja

I’ve been coming to Abuja since 2008 every year, lived in Abuja for a year and a half from 2011, frequented the city constantly after I left, yet my first time ever stepping foot in the Arts and Craft village was last week Friday! I didn’t even know the place existed until a couple of months ago and I’ve driven past there countless times 🙈🙈.

Free to enter and situated in the heart of Abuja’s Central Business District, next to the Silverbird Entertainment Centre, the Arts and Craft village is a tourist’s dream! Who knew we had such national treasures in Abuja 😮😮

Open from 8am till late, you can get lots of souvenirs, jewellery, sculptures, clothes, paintings, African books, you can even change money there and cut your hair! As I’m still working on my photography skills and I’m a bit snap happy, of course I took loads of pictures, enough to make you feel like you were actually there (but you need to see it for yourself!). Enjoy!

The coIours were so rich, I couldn’t take my eyes off the jewellery! A lot of the pieces are made in the actual village while many of the shop owners have teams who make the pieces offsite.



I LOVED this old map of Africa but the shop owner insisted I take a picture of the map of Nigeria to show my friends back home the REAL heart of Africa, so I took pictures of both lol.



I had no idea they sewed clothes here too. When I asked the tailor how much it would cost to make a long wrap skirt, she was scared to tell me saying ‘Ah Madam, e cost o’. I’m now thinking she was going to come out with 10/15k Naira (£16 – £25), then I hear 3k! Hahaha. Bless her! I’ll definitely be going back there to make a couple of skirts .


Has a bit of a Shakespearean feel to it don’t you think? Wonder if they had any live shows here…


Baskets, baskets, more baskets. I was tempted to buy them all! 




Is it strange that I thought these crocodiles looked adorable?


And some more pictures…





Lastly, I found this beautiful painting which I’ve named ‘Sisterly Love’, costs about 30,000 Naira ( £50). Anyone want to get this for me?


I’ll definitely be heading back there to take more pictures and spend a little money, particularly for the ‘expensive’ tailor. 😉


6 Replies to “So I went to…Arts & Craft Village, Abuja”

  1. I only recently knew there was an arts and crafts place in Abuja. Wish I had known all the previous times I visited.
    Will definitely check it out next time I’m there.
    Lovely pictures.


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