Still ‘New Year, New You’?


In true new year’s eve style, most people put up these lonnnggg epistles on Instagram and Facebook reflecting on 2016, talking about how amazing or terrible it was and how they vowed to be better people in 2017 with a long list of resolutions to follow and goals to achieve. So my question to you is, the month is practically over, ( I know right? Seemed like January was never going to end but it has lol) what’s happening with these ‘goals’ and ‘resolutions’? Are you still this better person you told the world you would be? No? Well if you set these resolutions to impress others then you most likely haven’t kept to them because they weren’t set with genuine intentions but rather just a case of you jumping on the bandwagon to make yourself look good. Sounds a little harsh but am I lying?  But on the flipside if you set your new year goals because you saw others doing it, it should actually be an excuse for you to reassess yourself, look at ways that you can be a new and improved you and make your goals a reality rather than creating an unrealistic list of resolutions.

I actually didn’t plan to have a new set of goals for 2017 until just after Christmas day.  I deal with goals as I’m not actually a fan of the term ‘resolutions’ the same way I dislike the term ‘diets’. It just seems very restrictive, far too definitive and most likely makes you crave the thing you’ve banned yourself from have based on what society tells you is right rather than what is actually best for you as an individual. Resolutions for me tend to be an endless list and usually unattainable. How are we as humans meant to remember to immediately change 10/15 traits about ourselves and stick to it with derailing? Particularly when they have been primarily created to impress others? Doesn’t make any sense…

Anywho, back to just after Christmas day, I usually spend that time reflecting each year but having a detailed list of concrete goals with a plan for each? Nah, wasn’t a plan for me. But I will say I was definitely that person on the flipside who saw several people I look up to making these great plans of how to be an improved version of themselves and it triggered me to reassess my life and focus on what I want to achieve in 2017. I also had a vague idea of what I wanted my 2017 to look like but there were no plans put in place. As they say, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail no?

“The hunter who does not sharpen his spears will soon become a lion’s dinner” – Malawian Proverb

For those of you that are still on track, haven’t derailed at all and still this great new person you envisioned you would be, then kudos to you. It definitely isn’t easy! My thing is, this change shouldn’t be too hasty, it should be a gradual process rather than drastic and guided in with a new routine to enable stay on track (you can read my post on how I try to stay on track here). It should become part of a lifestyle if you have goals on changing your traits and habits rather than a strict and non-flexible regime and with a purpose so that you constantly remember why you are doing it what you told yourself you’ll do, keeping yourself motivated.

Example, I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t worked out since Monday this week, my energy levels were very low and I knew if I tried to burn myself out in a work out, I’d only end up feeling worse so I decided to use my mornings to rest a little after my morning devotion. Now we all deserve a break sometimes and shouldn’t feel bad about that, but because I remember the purpose for me working out and what I wish to achieve, I know that this ‘break’ cannot be forever and I’ll need to get back on to it as soon as. Another way I’m making sure that I stick to my goals and achieve them was by getting myself an accountability partner. (Saying it out loud makes it sound even more cool haha!). So it’s something I learnt from watching Finally Fiona’s video ‘Smashing Your Goals In 2017’. It’s basically you having someone you trust (and admire, as that was very important for me too) that you must report to weekly with all of the tasks you have completed to achieve your goals, making you accountable to someone and really ensuring that you do what you said you would do because you have someone there that you don’t want to disappoint aside from yourself. Now for me, I definitely need this at least for this initial time, particularly as I have a history of being a serial procrastinator unfortunately lol.

So for me, it’s ‘New year, improved me’ rather than ‘new me’. I wasn’t a terrible person, I just wanted to be a better version of myself. I already had my accountability partner tell me that she loves the changes she’s seeing in me (made me feel all giddy inside haha). It’s just nice that these improvements can be seen by others so it must be working :-). We derail sometimes, we lose motivation at times, but we continue knowing what we want to achieve and who we want to be by the end of this year.

So I ask you again, is it still ‘New year, new you’? Let me know your thoughts below 🙂


3 Replies to “Still ‘New Year, New You’?”

  1. I’m not one for resolutions either to be honest, but I wanted to treat this year differently. One of my main things was handling my debt. I’ll only see changes on a monthly basis, but it’s progress. Love the proverb you used by the way, great post xx

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