So I Went To… Faie’s Pastries

Making the decision to move back to Nigeria from London wasn’t too stressful seeing as I had previously lived in Abuja and Port Harcourt so it really wasn’t anything new, but being a ‘returnee’ (as we’re called now lol) I thought of the amenities I’d miss obviously. Not the ‘seamless’ healthcare system, constant electricity or general westernised structure, I thought about how much I’d miss Greggs, Krispy Kreme,  pastries!! 😁🙈 Anyone who knows me well knows how much of a foodie I am and my deep love for cakes, pie and anything sweet. Having lived in Abuja before, I was still struggling to find a quaint little bakery that filled the void that my favourite bakery/cafe back in London, Patisserie Valerie left behind. But…Faie’s Pastries has certainly come very close now!!

What I love most about Faie’s is the ambience. As I get older, I’m finding that I’m less interested in hype and overcrowded places and more about peaceful atmospheres, places I can clear my head and that’s exactly what I can get here, plus I get to enjoy the smell of freshly baked treats. Tucked away on the first floor corner of Heroes Plaza,  in Wuse 2, the  vibrant downtown area of Abuja, I’ve found a great pastry cafe with amazing decor (yes I’m a little obsessed with interior decor at the moment) to satisfy my sweet tooth craving, clear my head and get inspired!



It also helps that I’m obsessed with their ice cream and apple crumble, absolutely heavenly!! Tastes even better than it looks, honestly!! (And I’m a very fussy eater).


Just as I was about to leave, they killed what was remaining of my ‘healthy eating’ routine with the smell of freshly baked cupcakes, I couldn’t resist of course haha.


Helps that their prices don’t break the bank with their crumble and icecream at a mere N600, especially in this our recession… Plus one of my main issues since moving back is the rarity that is decent customer service so being welcomed by a smiley face will always make me want to stay.


So if you hadn’t guessed already, I’ve found a new fave chill spot where I can zone out, relax and enjoy parfait, brownies, cupcakes, cookies, apple crumble, plus more, and get very very fat lol. Check them out for yourself on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.



2 Replies to “So I Went To… Faie’s Pastries”

  1. *sigh* Gregg’s… please don’t even remind me. I’ll start crying actual tears…I could have their sausage rolls for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It didn’t now help that it was just £0.99 (then, if I remember correctly). Chai. Or was it their steak bake, or veggie pasty… To now crown everything they used puff pastry instead of the heavy dough we use here in Naija…oh Lord, the tears are coming…

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