Valentine’s Special: So I Went To… Obudu Mountain Resort

It’s Valentine’s Day! As we’re celebrating the season of love, I thought I’d throw it back to our mini-moon back in November. After a lonnggg year of wedding planning, we were exhausted and needed to get away from the world but after all of our wedding expenditures, we needed somewhere beautiful that wouldn’t break the bank. So it seemed like the perfect time to tick off an item from my bucket list: take a Nigerian staycation! Growing up, my holiday destinations were always far away; the States (over and over and over again…), Dubai, China and of course Nigeria (Port Harcourt, lagos and Abuja) every blessed Christmas! I can’t even say I’ve seen much of the UK outside of London even with spending the majority of my life there lol. So staycations were something I really wanted to try out and eventually travel across Africa and explore my motherland.

Of course we will still be having a big honeymoon in the next few months, and most likely an African destination, but for now I’m happy that with the help of a great offer from Jumia Travel I was able to explore the beauty my country has to offer because with resorts like Inagbe, Tinapa, La Campagne Tropicana, and more, you really don’t need to leave Nigeria to have a great vacation!

Situated close to the Cameroon border in the picturesque eastern highlands of Cross River State, Nigeria, Obudu Mountain Resort was a place I found hard to believe could ever exist in my country. Not because I didn’t think we had such beautiful places in Nigeria but because I had never been exposed to it. So our journey began…


As amazing as it was, one of the major flaws for me was the journey there. The nearest airports to the resort are Enugu Airport (8 hours drive) and Calabar Airport (10 hours drive), so after leaving Abuja at 12pm and flying down to Enugu, we didn’t arrive at the resort until around 10pm. But thankfully, the resort staff were waiting for us, kept the restaurant open so we could still have dinner and we were even welcomed with a very cute surprise…


Candles, rose petals (faux lol), wine, a fruit platter and a bubble bath…how sweet.

Day One

The next morning, we had a Full English breakfast (ironic I know lol) then started planning our activities for the next 3 days, which kicked off with a facilities tour of the resort.



Then we walked up to the holy mountain, didn’t really want to take pictures there as I felt it was quite sacred and I used my time up there as a moment of reflection…

Day Two



After the Mr kept trying to photobomb my pics, we headed off to the grotto to see the beautiful waterfall.


Then I braved the canopy walk, something I thought I’d never do after being petrified at the Kakum Canopy Walk in Ghana lol, but I did it and I could do it again!


Day Three

More pictures of course…




This was probably the toughest day for me as we walked for 30 minutes up the steep mountain and crossed the Cameroon border. I was exhausted, scared to death, didn’t have the right shoes, got stung by some strange insect when we walked through the stream to cross the border, but looking back now it was a beautiful experience. Probably wouldn’t do it again but I’m glad I did.




We definitely needed a relaxing activity after that adventure so we ended the day with some horse riding…


The place had it’s flaws, the only network available at the time was Glo but MTN started to work on our last day so if you’re heading there, be prepared with the right sim. Also there is no electricity… the generator is switched on at 8am to 9am and then in the evening from 7pm to 10pm. But with all of the many activities, you hardly even notice it and since we were on our mini-moon, it gave use time to really focus on each other without the distraction of technology.

I’d definitely go back there but during the peak periods (Christmas, Easter and August) so that I can experience the cable cars and the water park.

Have you been there? Leave a comment below and let me know what your experience was like xxx


3 Replies to “Valentine’s Special: So I Went To… Obudu Mountain Resort”

  1. I’ve always wanted to visit Obudu. I found out 2 days ago that it’s 9 hours away from PH! A little piece of my heart just broke. Since when were Cross River and Rivers States that far from each other? Na wa. But it looks so beautiful and serene from your pictures.

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    1. Thank uuuu! It is so serene! I’ve heard about that 9hr journey from PH too but apparently the road is really bad so it takes even longer 🙁 if not for the bad road it wouldn’t take longer than 5 hours from enugu, calabar or ph smh. But I’d still go again lol


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