Learn to celebrate you!

I wasn’t going to publish a post this week as I had been struggling all week to think of a topic to write about, I didn’t want to put out just anything because I don’t like producing substandard work. That was the plan…until a ‘pleasant’ phone call I had this morning…

So I was telling someone very close to me about a business venture of mine and let’s just say I didn’t exactly get the response I was expecting…Here I was, super excited that all of my hard work and effort wasn’t going to be in vain, everything seemed to be finally coming together and I wanted to share my new joy with loved ones and thought it would be reciprocated but what I got was a bland ‘oh…ok…that’s nice’. I’m generally quite a closed person so for me to even open up like that took a lot. Let’s just say I felt very deflated after that. I actually called the person back after we had finished our ‘amazing’ convo to see what the problem was, did they not think it was worth while? Not exciting enough? Were they not happy for me? I really didn’t understand why they didn’t seem happy for me, even a little. Although once I addressed it in that second phone call, the person said they were happy for me but it definitely didn’t sound that way and I know them very well so I can tell.

So for like an hour, I was quite irritated and felt quite hurt as this is someone that I tend to look to for validation, I respect their opinion. But that was my issue, why was I looking for validation from them? I’m human so it’s expected but as much as I do respect their opinion, why couldn’t I just be happy for me? I know I’m doing well, I know what I’ve achieved which is amazing by many people’s ‘standards’, I know that I’ve given it my all so why couldn’t I give myself a pat on the back instead of looking to others for praise? Then I stopped beating myself up, stopped feeling irritated and started feeling quite silly.

I think I’ve said this in a previous blog (if I remember, I’ll link it down below) but you need to celebrate you before anyone else will. Be your own biggest supporter! (This is me talking to myself by the way). No matter how unconventional it may be, as far as you know that no matter what direction you’ve chosen to go, what career path you have decided to take, what goal you have chosen to pursue, you have given it your all and more and won’t accept anything less than the best then clap for yourself, applaud yourself and continue to strive. Those that maybe didn’t see the potential in your pursuit before will be the same people trying to bask in your limelight or share the fruits of the same success they didn’t want to celebrate in it’s early days. Are they helping you to achieve your goal? Are they working with you so you can succeed? No? Then why are you stressing? Let your work speak for you in due time rather than your mouth.

Don’t get me wrong, it may not even be from a bad place, they might just be unable to see  what you’re seeing right now. It doesn’t necessarily make them bad people but that definitely shouldn’t stop you from striving  and continuing to shine. Focus on your mission and keep it moving until you reach your goal, then pass it!

‘Nothing can dim the light that shines from within’ – Maya Angelou

So I’ve gone from not wanting to publish a post, to feeling completely deflated, to feeling super empowered and putting out this VERY HONEST post, all in one morning lol. Apologies that it isn’t as long as usual as it was unplanned but I’ll be back with a bang next week!

I know I can’t be the only one who’s felt like this before or experienced this. How have you dealt with it? What is your advice for others? Let me know in the comment box below, let’s discuss 🙂


11 Replies to “Learn to celebrate you!”

  1. This is so true Mimi, you have to know what to take (be it empowering or constructive criticism) and know what to drop. I guess the higher we rise the more common this will be so be confident in YOU!

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  2. I would never advice anyone to put another human on a pedestal or seek validation from another person. However, why don’t you try to find out why the person didn’t show the amount of ‘ginger’ you hoped for. I know what it’s like to have a seemingly great idea and the ones closest to you aren’t as keen as you’d hoped. I understand how hurt you must have felt when the person didn’t show the type of reaction you wanted. Maybe he/she saw some loopholes in the idea and if you put this person on a pedestal as you say, that means where you’re concerned, the person’s past record when it comes to advice is spot on, right? Try to speak to person again. It’s possible there may be something in your idea which you missed during the ‘initial gragra’. Please, forgive my epistle. I dunno why I’m like this! 😩

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    1. 😁😁 no, thank you for the epistle. I’m definitely learning that everyone is human so it would be wrong of me to place them on a pedestal. It’s already gone past the idea stage, thoroughly researched and tested etc. But the issue is, the person in question is a serious realist and tends not to see hope in anything unless they can actually see amazing results, especially when it is ‘unconventional’. So looking back now I get it and I’m not taking it as personal again, my only regret is not waiting until it was complete before sharing my ‘news’ lol.


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