11 life realities only an only child can truly understand…

Since last week’s post was quite deep, I thought I’d go a little lighter this week :-).

Growing up, I was constantly told how lucky I was that I didn’t have siblings, or how spoilt I must have been, because those are the main two factors that sum up being an only child apparently lol. Well I’ve found a few more realities that I thought I’d share with you:

1.We don’t all match the stereotype

This should be a given since stereotypes are a generalisation which not everyone will fall under. We can be a lot less spoilt than a lot of you ‘normal’ people out there and we’re not all completely self obsessed.

2. We’re very comfortable being alone

A bit too comfortable even lol. Who can blame me? I’m been so used to being by myself throughout my childhood (apart from the times I was surrounded by a billion cousins…) that I’ve learnt to enjoy my own company and I like it. I love spending time with friends and family but not constantly, and they’ve learnt not to take it personally, I think…lol. Sometimes I like to be alone with my thoughts, evaluate where I’m at mentally, reflect, and sometimes it isn’t even that deep, I just want to enjoy solitude. But I don’t let it get to the hermit level, being in my field, I have to get out and be social so I tried to find the right balance…sometimes.

3.  We are impatient

We’re not used to having to wait for what we want, or wait our turn after other siblings  since we have none so when we want something done, we want it done now or would rather get it done ourselves instead of waiting for someone else to do it. This is me completely, I’ve gotten much better over the years but I generally don’t like having to wait on people to do things for me and would rather do it myself. But being in the real world, I’ve had to learn that may not always be an option unfortunately. Sucks, but oh well…

4. Your mum calls you EVERY SINGLE DAY, multiples times a day

It’s probably even worse when you come from a single parent home like myself. You’re your mother’s confidante, her bestie, her baby for life, her everything. So she can’t go a day without calling to check that you’re ok or just to hear your voice and you just have to get used to that. I don’t particularly like talking on the phone constantly or speaking to one person on the phone everyday (apart from my husband of course) as I don’t really see what you will be talking about every single day, it gets repetitive and boring for me, But I’ve just had to get used to it and realise that while it may seem like a chore for me at times, it’s probably one of the highlights of her day hearing that I’m ok and I aim to keep her happy :-).

5. We can be sensitive

Thankfully I’ve developed tough skin over the years but generally we can be more sensitive than people who grew up with siblings as we weren’t used to constantly being teased or picked on.

6. People automatically feel sorry for you

Being an only child isn’t a disease, but you would think it was by the way many people react when you tell them you are an only child, as if you’ve been deprived of love and friends your whole life. I actually find that we tend to be more open to making friends and being more outgoing than those with many siblings because they already have enough company, why the need for more? We are also stronger than they think and don’t need to be showered with extra buckets of love and attention because we didn’t grow up with siblings, that will just bug me more because as you read earlier, I’m comfortable being alone 🙂

7. We’re not very competitive

This should be self explanatory. We didn’t grow up having to compete with anyone as it was really all about us, so we didn’t grow up with that competitive spirit. We still love to win of course but would rather not have to compete to win. That went out the window for me when I was in university running for the ACS (Afro Caribbean Society) team, and I won of course lol. Then obviously you learn to be competitive when you enter the workforce, but being competitive isn’t necessarily a bad thing…

8. Being an only child is your most notable character flaw

During secondary school, whenever my mum would travel and take me along, or if I got the latest phone or trainers before anyone else, or if I was able to change my school bag every term, I was told ‘it’s because you’re an only child’…arghhhh. It’s probably one of the most annoying comments I got, even in my adulthood. If you ever make the mistake of reminiscing about the summers, Easters, Christmas breaks you spent away, or how amazing you remember your birthday parties were (that weren’t every year o, only on the key milestones i.e. 1st birthday, 5th birthday, 10th birthday, 16th birthday, 18th birthday, 21st birthday etc, it’s obviously alllll because you were a spoilt only child. Surely because children with siblings didn’t enjoy similar things or more right? *rolls eyes*

9. We talk to ourselves

I don’t even know when I do it sometimes, I just call it thinking out loud lol.

10. We love to read!

Spending so much time alone, we learnt to find other ways to occupy our time so for many of us, particularly myself, we spent a lot of time reading, and in turn adding the imaginary cast into our lives as buddies (sounds weird but hey…) and over time developed a love for reading

11. We are not abnormal!

We are honestly just like everyone else, seriously! So no need to keep reminding us that we grew up as an only child, we’re sensitive about it…lol


Where are my fellow only children? Can you relate? Have I missed anything? Let’s discuss in the comment section below 🙂


8 Replies to “11 life realities only an only child can truly understand…”

  1. ✋ Hey fellow only child ✋
    Like I could hug you right now for this post!!
    I was ‘hmming’ and ‘yesing’ all the way!! And laughing!!
    I don’t even know which number to pick and talk about. Every single one resonates with me!!

    No need to call the psych docs when you find us talking to ourselves ,we’re perfectly normal!

    Impatience!!! Chai. But Jesus is helping me these days sha. You know I never really related it to being an only child syndrome, but now it makes such sense.

    Feeling sorry….. That has got to be the most annoying of all. I really dislike it eh!

    Only children are not given to much grubbing. They aren’t exactly moved by food. There was almost no one to drag food or meat with so eating was just one of those things done to make mum happy.
    Forwarding this!


  2. I’ve always wondered what it’s like to be an only child. I guess I can say I’ve experienced it, only I was too tiny to remember (and it lasted only a year) before the other five came to take my shine. I can lend you one or two of them if you want, lol.


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