The 7-Day Detox Series: Day One

So sorry for the missing post on Friday guys but I hope this new series will make up for it! So for the next seven days I will be giving you a daily update, like a food diary, of my 7-day detox, wish me luck!

But first, a little background information for you on what got me here…

So you may remember me writing about my love/hate relationship with fitness  in a post earlier this year. As one of my new year goals, I jumped back on the fitness train as I was ashamed of the amount of weight I had gained over Christmas and New Year. It went quite well for a couple of months but I somehow slipped…next minute too many of my jeans weren’t getting past my thighs! No idea how it got this bad but I woke up one day last week and decided I couldn’t ignore this weight gain any longer and something had to be done.

It would be simple enough to get back into my exercise routine but with the amount of weight I gained, I felt like I needed a drastic detox to kickstart the process before I start merely ‘watching what I eat’, so I headed to Pinterest and searched for extreme detoxes, from the cayenne pepper water detox to the vinegar and alkaline detox. Now I’m not as strong as I used to be, my immune system isn’t too fantastic and any small thing can get me feeling ill so I wasn’t too enthusiastic about these options and, without sounding too vain, I didn’t want it to have any adverse effects on my skin because I’m loving my glowy skin right now :-). After a discussion with my bestie Abi, I decided on a less drastic diet. Seemed simple enough until I realised that it was cutting out two very essential parts of my normal diet – meat (red and white) and salt – crazy I know, but hey, no pain, no gain right? Thankfully enough, my hubby said he’d join me in the detox to make it a little easier for me to manage, just the support I needed and it definitely encouraged me to go ahead with it!

Now it was time to stock up on the foods that I’m allowed for the next seven days (click here to see the list). My fellow Nigerians will understand the struggle to buy healthy, non-typical Nigerian food like bamboo shoots, brown rice, salmon etc so I knew it wouldn’t be a simple trip of heading to one supermarket and getting everything. For my fellow Abuja residents, Next Cash & Carry in Kado was great for most of the items like the brown rice, kidney beans, chinese cabbage (bok choi) tuna, white wine vinegar and at decent prices too. Found a large packet of prawns at Shoprite and not such a crazy cost at N1660 .  When it came to the cod and salmon, I didn’t even bother, in this recession one cannot clear out their bank account because of detox. So I chose to go with tilapia and catfish from my local market instead. Same place where I stocked up on all of my fruit and veggies.

To prep myself for the detox, I had a ‘little’ weekend blow out. Started Saturday with a huge plate of boiled potatoes and oily egg sauce and ended it with a trip to Waffle Stop in Dunes, it was soooooo good!

I made sure my ‘last supper’ yesterday was reallllyyy bad to compensate for the next week of ‘good’ food lol. Overdosed on loads of red meat with fried rice and NO VEG. Then baked a loaf of full fat dairy, rich and moist banana bread, it was amazing!! I’ll share my recipe with you guys soon ;-). Then I was good to go.

So here we are today on day one, did my measurements, weighed myself, took my before pics, which I won’t be sharing, did my workout, then I was set.

Day One


We started our day with a bowl of porridge made with water, topped with bananas and raisins. It was meant to have natural yoghurt as a topping too but couldn’t find that until this evening at Spar. I usually love my porridge with milk so it was really boring at first. it wasn’t until halfway through my bowl that I found out I can sweeten it with natural honey haha.


Lunch was grilled tilapia (cod replacement), baked potatoes (was meant to be a jacket potatoes but couldn’t find large potatoes) and salad. This no salt thing was the test when it came to the fish. I can’t imagine not seasoning my fish with salt or even Maggi cubes so I improvised with lemon juice, garlic, dry pepper and herbs, came out ok actually.


Ended the day with baked catfish (salmon replacement), steamed cabbage and carrots with baked tilapia…still hungry…

In between I snacked on handfuls of groundnut and a mango, and I had way over 2 litres of water lol.

Day one over and I got through it! Yayyy!!! Now time for day two. See you tomorrow x


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