The 7-Day Detox Series: Day Two

Welcome back guys. Soooo, day two…I woke up hungry…


Breakfast was a smoothie at 7.15am made up of banana, lettuce, cucumber, ginger, apple and natural yoghurt. Delicious smoothie, probably the best meal of the day. Only problem, I was starving by 9am!

Had to snack on a mango and more than a few handfuls of groundnut lol. Can’t even count how many glasses of water I had to handle the hunger pains…


I was actually looking forward to this meal – steamed potatoes, salad and tuna mixed with natural yoghurt and sweetcorn. It was HORRIBLE!!! The tuna mix that is. Almost sickly! I honestly can’t wait to get back to mayonnaise because this I can’t handle. So I stuck to the potatoes and salad which was fine but really not filling enough…

Lunch was around 12.30pm and from the moment I finished, I started counting down to dinnertime lol, with my groundnut snacks and multiple glasses of water of course…


This was supposed to be the highlight of my day. Stir-fried bok choi, spring onions, mushrooms and bamboo shoots in a little olive oil with garlic and ginger, served with brown rice. Wasn’t quite sure how I was going to cope without meat or salt in this meal but still sounded quite ok. I was wrong. The only thing I ate on that plate was the mushrooms, onions and cabbage. Couldn’t stand the bamboo shoots and just about managed the brown rice…

At this point I was hunrgy, tired and verrryyyyy irritable. Really couldn’t imagine ending my day like this, even if it was for a good cause, so hubby whipped up a little healthy but tasty dessert to cheer me up 🙂


Watermelon, pineapple, paw paw, banana, natural yoghurt with a dash of honey.

Definitely what I needed after what seemed like a day of starvation and it was a great energy pick-up!

Summary – I’m already struggling with this detox, my body is trying to adjust to this new diet and is taking it out on me :-(. But it’s only for five more days and hopefully the results will be amazing (I pray they are!).

See you tomorrow x


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