The 7-Day Detox Series: Day Three

So today went farrrr better than day one and two, I think my body finally started adjusting to this new diet (although it shouldn’t get too used to it as I can’t do this forever…). I didn’t wake up wanting to pass out, wasn’t starving at all. After my morning walk, I walked, not ran, to the kitchen to make breakfast πŸ™‚


I realised that I can’t start my day with a smoothie and think that I’ll be fine until lunchtime without going crazy. So I went back to my porridge, still made with water but topped with natural yoghurt, banana slices, raisins and a dash of honey. Very filling but not too heavy, plus I stayed sane until lunchtime πŸ™‚


Lunchtime was a bit of a letdown to be honest. It was a prawn salad with lemon juice and white wine vinegar dressing. But I felt like I was eating a plate of grass, with seafood dumped in it. What would have been AMAZING is if I could have had some reallll salad dressing like some full fat vinaigrette, honey mustard sauce, with a dash of salt, but oh well.

Then my sweet tooth finally struck and I started craving fruit juice lol. Then I remembered that I’m allowed juice as long as it’s purely squeezed and unsweetened. So I headed to the Nuli Juice barΒ in Wuse 2 (Abuja) to stock up on some natural juices and satisfy my craving.

My go-to juice at Nuli, soooooo amazing!

I thought I’d mix it up a little. I couldn’t bear the thought of skipping out on protein for dinner again so I got a little creative while sticking to the permitted food items. So dinner was baked tilapia (well seasoned with natural ingredients and no salt of course) with stir-fried brown rice, mushrooms, fresh hot pepper, garlic and spring onions in a little olive oil. It was actually really tasty. A dash of salt or maggi cube would have given it that extra hmmph, but it was still quite decent…

Then the hubs made me a little fresh fruit salad with natural yoghurt. Sorry, I started eating it before I remembered to take a picture lol.

So I’m getting there guys, four more days to go!

Anywho, see you back here tomorrow x


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