The 7-Day Detox Series: Day Four

Day four seemed too easy…guess that means the body and mind has adjusted to this new diet right?

Like I said earlier, it shouldn’t get too comfortable. BUT, I will most likely start using a lot less salt and processed seasoning in my food, now that I know that I can cope without it. Plus, not every meal needs meat, I’ve come to realise that now lol. I’ve also come to the realisation that the meals in the plan were more of a suggestion so I’ve started tailoring it to suit my taste buds while still sticking to the permitted foods and we’re enjoying our meals so much more now.

Day four started off rocky, my alarm chose not to go off for some strange reason so that messed with my routine a little. But I still managed to squeeze in a quick workout and have some breakfast.


So like I said yesterday, I’ve noticed that porridge is the best option for me in this detox of mine as it reduces the hunger pains and I don’t lose as near enough concentration as I did on day one and two. So I decided to switch it up a little today and put nuts on top of the porridge instead of raisins. Sooooo tasty!


After the other day, I was dreading this meal but i drained the tuna VERY WELL this time and put like a teaspoon of natural yoghurt instead of the two tablespoons I put the other day (apparently that amount only works with mayonnaise) then I basted the potatoes with some olive oil and let it bake for over 40 minutes to get really soft inside with a crispy shell. Then served it with a green salad with apple chunks. It was amazziiiiinnnnggg. Probably the best meal I’ve had during this whole detox!


Not a very picture perfect meal but quite nice actually, lunch was still better…lol. Lightly fried garlic in olive oil with onions, hot pepper, diced potatoes, carrots and kidney beans with some ground ginger and herbs. Not bad but like I said, lunch was better 🙂

So I’m used to this new diet of mine, haven’t even felt the need for a healthy desert, although I do have my mind on a mango sitting in the fridge right now…

Four days down, three days to go! See you tomorrow x


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