The 7-Day Detox Series: Day Five

So sorry for the late post guys, didn’t realise that it had gotten so late lol.

So day five…it was actually very boring if I’m very honest. I wasn’t interested in any of the meals and I didn’t even finish one dish, even my dinner which I was soooo looking forward to. I miss salt! And seasoning! And chicken lol. There are a couple of meals on the menu I haven’t tried yet so I’ll mix it up again this weekend so I can enjoy the last couple of days.


Repeated yesterday’s breakfast of banana porridge with natural yoghurt, nuts and honey. Only ate half of my bowl…


I couldn’t decide on what to have for lunch today and I’d be thinking about it since yesterday so to save myself the stress, I decided to stick with my favourite lunch so far, baked potatoes, tuna and sweetcorn in natural yoghurt and salad. Got bored of that quickly too…

Felt even worse for the hubs who was stuck in a management meeting all day and was tempted with all sorts of treats which he had to politely decline…lol. Bless him!


This was what I was looking forward to the most. I had left some catfish to season since morning in ginger, garlic, yellow pepper and thyme and wanted to bake it until it was super dry. It was accompanied by a portion of brown rice and spinach, garlic, onions and mushroom lightly fried in olive oil. The only thing I finished on that plate was the fish hahaha.

It is to be expected that I’ll be bored by now. I made it through to the fifth day and I’ve gone through a whirlwind of emotions. From anxiousness, utter despair, excitement and now boredom. But good news, we’ve only got two days left! Yayyyyy!! Going to try my best to enjoy the next couple of days.

See you tomorrow x


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