The 7-Day Detox Series: Day Six

So sorry that this post is coming more than half a day late, wasn’t feeling great at all yesterday so I didn’t know when I passed out lol. But I’ll try and make my opinions as accurate as possible as if I’m writing it on the day…


The way I was feeling in the morning, I really needed something to boost my energy but not too heavy at the same time. So I went for a fruit salad consisting of chopped up pears, apples and pineapples topped with natural yoghurt and oats. It was soooo tasty and did the job, a little…


By this point, I couldn’t even imagine going into the kitchen to start preparing anything, but we had to eat right? But to find somewhere to buy food from that met our requirements was also a problem. So the only place that came to mind, somewhere I knew that I could get a salad without any additives, salt, with seafood and freshly made was Nuli!! Yayyyy! Got their Prawn Love salad and it as ammmaaziinng!


The idea of yesterday’s dinner sounded lovely, baked croaker with baked potatoes and steamed vegetables, but I forgot one vital thing…anyone who cooks croaker knows that it requires A LOT of seasoning! It can’t not have salt or at least all purpose seasoning, maggi, knorr, something! To just add garlic, herbs, pepper etc won’t do the job so I ended up with a very boring dish with plain tasting fish 😦

But it’s all good because guess what? Come this time tomorrow, I’ll be done with the detox! Yayy!! Then on to portion control. But I must confess, I will have a cheat day before I jump into that. I feel it’s deserved lol.

See you tonight guys for the finale of my 7-day detox x


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