Abuja Bloggers Meet Up (Pics and Gist)

This post is wayyyyyy overdue so apologies for that firstly.

Now I’m a strong believer in the power of networking no matter what industry you are in. Whether you’re a lawyer, doctor, dancer or make-up artist, it’s good to know your industry peers – share ideas and tips with each other, provide support, feedback, insight, resources, and information to one another. So when I came back to Abuja,  I didn’t really see any evidence of that amongst bloggers here like there is in Lagos. Not to say that there aren’t any bloggers in Abuja, but there is barely awareness of the Abuja bloggers, apart from the odd few. There are too many bloggers in Abuja for people nationally to not be aware of us. So I thought, why not have a meet-up? Nothing serious, just an informal, casual meet up to introduce or reintroduce ourselves, get to know each other and start conversation on how we can create more awareness for the ‘Buj’ blogosphere. A picnic seemed like the perfect setting for this 🙂

So I posted a call-out for bloggers, and content creators in Abuja on instagram, thankfully loads of people came back to me. I set a time – 3pm, date – 25th March, venue –  the scenic Milllenium Park in the heart of Abuja – and we were good to go!

Thankfully it was a success! Anyone who saw us that day would have thought that we had been friends for ages lol. There were about 10 of us and the majority of us were meeting each other for the first time, I didn’t know anyone! Lol. So I got to meet Deka Diary of an Abuja Mom FINALLY after loads of back and forth messages, (she was the one that gingered me to even do this). I also got to meet Sarah of  Princess Audu, Janet of Lifestyle by Janet, Mide of Mide’s Thoughts, Toyin of  Omalicious Toyin,  Vanessa of Style by Ohaha, Bisola of Trybe De Noir, Maureen (Moobib) of Styled Colorfully and Larissa of Larisa’s Diary. If I’ve missed anyone I’m sorrryyyyyy… A few people couldn’t make it but hopefully we’ll see them next time.

I got the girls munching on some small chops (because what’s a get together without small chops?!) we discussed everything to do with blogging from building a good social media following, the type of content to put out on social media, brand collaborations, vlogging and more. Plus the odd ‘girly’ stuff too like how to perfect those squats to get a good derriere lol. We even had a couple demonstrations from Sarah and Deka hehe. It was a great day and looking forward to great things to come from our new network :-).


Now for the pictures…

The beauty that is small chops
L to R – Mide, Moobib, Bisola


L to R – Moobib, Bisola, Mide (camera ready lol), Vanessa, Janet (hiding away lol) and Deka
Photogenic Deka with Janet and Sarah in the back
Our attempt at a candid group photo lol


I should make Janet my personal photographer lol. (Pre-detox days of course)


Lovely Larisa

If you’re a blogger based in Abuja and would like to join or know someone who may be interested, leave a comment below or email me on ramblingsofmissmimi@outlook.com. It’s not for girls only as well, so if you’re a male blogger in Abuja, don’t be afraid to hit me up too :-).

Stay tuned for our next event.


18 Replies to “Abuja Bloggers Meet Up (Pics and Gist)”

    1. Hey! Thank you 😊 We don’t have anything planned yet but if you’re following my Instagram page @ramblings_of_msmimi we’ll definitely announce it there. Better yet, let me know your handle and I can add you to the group x


  1. Wow I just found your blog today and also found this post! And there I was complaining that Lagos gets all the fun lol. Funny thing is, at the time you carried out this event and even the time you published this post, I hadn’t even created my blog yet! Hopefully I can take part in the fun for the next one or the one after that! Until then, let me just look at the photos and be going oh


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