Goodbye ‘RamblingsofMsMimi’ and hello ‘’ ☺

As the heading implies, I’ll be bidding farewell to Ramblings of Miss Mimi guys. If you follow me on my social media pages, you probably would have got the hint that this was coming, so this will be my last post on

Change is an inevitable process in life and with change should come growth. And I’ve definitely grown since I started this blog in 2009/10. If you’ve read my post ‘Why I started blogging…the start/stop history of an inconsistent writer’ you’ll know I started this blog as a space to build on my creativity, a place to improve my writing skills and share my random thoughts without the constraints of having to be articulate. It eventually evolved to a platform for me to influence others with my views, inspire others and develop my own voice.

Ramblings of Ms Mimi has given me the chance to meet some amazing people, bond with my followers, gain a growing audience and even get featured on some great platforms, namely Huffington Post, xoNecole, Bella Naija and more…So I’m super grateful for the opportunities it opened.

So as it continues to evolve, it’s moved further away from what seemed like ‘ramblings’ and is now more coherent, focused, with goals. Plus since I refer to myself as ‘Mrs’ rather than ‘Ms’, ‘Ms Mimi’ just doesn’t seem to fit anymore (looking back maybe I shouldn’t have limited my title options ☺ ). I’ve grown so my blog should grow with me. As I’ve chosen to live a life with purpose, my online space should also serve a purpose. Which brings me to my brand new online space, Mimi Osa.

Mimi Osa is my blog and brand dedicated to self-expression and empowering women to be fearless and be the best they can be, in all areas of their life, no matter what they’ve been through or what setbacks they’ve had. It aims to influence others to live a life with purpose the same way I’m trying to do. Loaded with personal stories from my journey, tips, ‘real talk’ and so much more, Mimi Osa shares topics and features which are important to almost all women (and men too): hitting those milestones and achieving your goals, business/career, family life, relationships, feeling and looking your best, love, friendships, being pennywise and so much more.

Looking forward to a better and an even more interesting journey ahead x


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