About me

Hey! I’m Mimi, a British Nigerian, tall female, willing to let you into her world.

There’s definitely more to this space than that of course. So rewind back to 2009 when I decided to start blogging, I needed an outlet to release the creative and strange thoughts in my head. I was about to start an MA in Magazine Journalism and thought I’d give myself a head start. Didn’t really stay consistent over the years but fast forward 8 years, I can finally say this space is becoming what I wanted it to be – a space where I can be honest, have topical discussions, inspire, be inspired and share things I find interesting in the world. Ramblings of Ms Mimi is all about the life and thoughts of a newly married female at the edge of her 20s, finding herself all over again and sharing her journey with you. You’ll get to see personal stories, motivational features, interviews, my thoughts on different topics, travel posts, event posts and so much more!

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-23 at 17.23.23

As well as being a PR, Communications and Events professional for the past 9 years, this space has also allowed me to progress in my career as a freelance writer and I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to write for several publications. Look out for more features on the blog! It’s also given me the chance to develop my skills as a graphic designer and photographer so look out for lots and lots of amateur (for now) photography across my blog :-).

Want to know more? Send me a tweet, find me on instagram or send me an email xx



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